Data analyst

The business

Driversnote is a product-centric and profitable SaaS company based in the heart of the Copenhagen startup scene. We take pride in helping more than 2 million users in over 50 countries keep a mileage logbook. No one likes to do mileage documentation - so we try to remove this tedious work and make our customers’ work life simpler by saving them time and money. We are 28 people doing design, mobile- and web development, marketing, support and customer success in close collaboration.

The product

To the majority of our users, Driversnote is first and foremost a free mobile app they find via App/Play store and install to get automated mileage tracking. They will often start out with motion-based tracking, become aware of free user limitations and become a paying customer on a subscription to remove limitations and get an iBeacon for improved tracking accuracy.

The mobile app is backed by a substantial backend, and at we offer our more advanced users and larger teams a fully fledged web application with advanced trip management, team management and workflows for teams. We have a B2C-like relationship with many of our users, but we are gradually moving more and more into traditional B2B space with all that this entails of further product enhancements.

The way we work

We use a product development process known as Shape Up, where a few key people take the role as shapers and define projects that can be designed, implemented and released within 6 weeks, known as cycles. For each 6 week cycle, we form new cross-functional teams with designers, developers, marketing and customer support people on them, and we let the teams focus exclusively on finishing their projects within the cycle. Each 6 week cycle is followed by a 2 week cool-down period, where we fix bugs, execute functional projects, evaluate how we did and plan the next cycle.

We’ve learned that people thrive on being able to choose freely when they want to work from the office and when they want to work from home, and after our onboarding period you will also be free to work as you prefer. However, working fully remotely is not an option for this position.

We like to say that our unfair advantage is that we care more than our competition, and our users and customers tend to agree when they review our app, respond to NPS surveys and rate our support. We also care a lot about our employees, and between each cycle the entire company has a Team Health Check together, where we rate and discuss how we work together and thrive in our roles. We have a generous budget set aside for each employee to learn and develop, and we try to do a lot of fun stuff together.

The opportunity

We are very data-driven at Driversnote, and with over 2 million users to learn from, that's not just something we say. Data is at the heart of every decision we make, yet we do not have anyone on the team fully dedicated to understanding our data and making the most of it. To us, every change is an experiment and a chance to learn, but we are at a level now where it makes sense to have a data specialist that also understands our business to join us. The infrastructure is already in place: We use BigQuery as our data warehouse, and use Looker Studio to create reports and dashboards, so it’s possible to dive right into our data.

The role

As our new data analyst, you will:

  • Work directly with our management team and the rest of the company to generate insights from our data.
  • Be responsible for our data warehouse with support from our developers.
  • Identify new opportunities for learning and helping our users based on our data.
  • Analyses data to find insights and assess the impact of recent experiments.
  • Support the product, operations and marketing teams in setting up reporting.
  • Build, update and customise data sources.

We’d like you to come with a “can-do” spirit, eager to help with anything we might throw at you and be ready to see how a popular, growing SaaS business really works from the inside.

You must:

  • Have experience with BigQuery or a similar SQL-based data platform.
  • Have knowledge of data science, business intelligence or data warehousing from either previous job or your study.
  • Be detail oriented, highly structured and good at familiarising yourself with complex tasks.
  • Be fluent in spoken and written English and have clear written communication skills.
  • Have worked with data from Google Analytics, Firebase or similar platforms.

It would be nice if you:

  • Have experience with Looker Studio or similar reporting tools.
  • Have worked at a tech startup before.
  • Have worked with financial data before.
  • Have a basic understanding of marketing channels and attribution.

Danish language skills are not a requirement as our office language is English, but you must be able to work from our office in Copenhagen and have a Danish work permit.

What we believe in

Vision & mission: We work to eliminate work-life hassles to let people focus on what matters. Today, that means removing the pain and trivial work of handling mileage, while providing peace of mind that nothing is forgotten and all rules are followed.

Product-led: We focus our work on the end-user and optimise for bottom-up adoption. People's use of our product is what leads to our growth. We sell through our product and as self-service. We invest in customer success instead of outbound sales. Our marketing is focused on people with a need, leading them to the product.

Lean & data-driven: We try to get a deep understanding of the problems we’re solving. But we also acknowledge that we often can’t predict the outcome of our work. So we believe in an experiment-based approach to product development with short build-measure-learn cycles. For this reason, we also don’t believe in detailed plans for more than 3 months ahead.

Long-term & compounding: We invest in things that will have a continuous return and compound. We e.g. prefer a 1% improvement of activation rate over a €100k deal. We’re self-funded, so we don’t stress about the next funding round, and take the time to go into depth with our work.

What we offer

At Driversnote you will be part of a team composed of talented people that are fun to be around. You will have ample opportunity to influence decisions at all levels, and we hope we can both teach you something and learn something new from you. You’ll get to work with and learn from a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and tech people. We’ll set aside resources for independent skill development to help you grow and develop your career.

We work in a relaxed environment with new offices near The Meatpacking District. We have tasty freshly cooked lunch every day, great coffee, cozy Friday drinks, and great events from our running club, gaming nights and of course epic Christmas and summer parties - that we hope you will help plan.

Check out our LinkedIn for pictures and see the team events we host.

Since many of us have spouses and kids that we enjoy spending time with, we can honestly say that we offer a healthy work-life balance along with a competitive salary and all the benefits you would expect.

You can read more about our benefits on our Careers page.

How to apply

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We look forward to hearing from you!

For further information or questions, please contact Casper Fabricius at or (+45) 40 50 84 09