Full Stack Web Developer


Hi there! We’re Driversnote, a small SaaS company based in the heart of the Copenhagen startup scene. We take pride in helping more than 500.000 users worldwide keep a mileage logbook. No one likes to do mileage documentation - so our mission is to remove this trivial work and make our customers' working life simpler while saving them time and money.

We’re bootstrapped, profitable and currently growing our team, so you’ll be an essential part of the team at a very exciting stage.

The role

You take pride in building software that is easy to use and write code that is easy to understand. You like complex challenges and take your time getting to the bottom of all aspects so you can find simple solutions that ensure the future of the codebase.

Our user base is growing fast, and you will be responsible for building out our backend to handle our growth and for adding new features across our backend, API and web application. The backend is built in Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL, the frontend with React and GraphQL.

You will also be building new business tools and implementing new processes to make our customers' lives even easier. You enjoy working with databases, stylesheets and everything in between.

You should have:

We would love if you:

The platform & our philosophy

The Driversnote platform is based on a mobile app built in React Native, backend built in Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL and a frontend built with React and GraphQL. A REST API handles all requests from our mobile app, while Rails and React web applications allow users to sign up, upgrade to a paid subscription, work with their data and much more.

We’re very product-centric with a profound focus on continuously listening to and learning from our users. We are always trying to create an even better and more seamless experience for our customers - and we expect you to share this focus.

As a growing startup, we tend to be pragmatic in our choices of architecture. The Majestic Monolith served us well during the early years, but as we continue to grow the user base and the team, we are in the process of gradually splitting our backend into modules and transitioning parts of our web frontend to React and GraphQL.

We do Test Driven Development whenever possible, but we are also pragmatic and push new code out to production every day.

We offer

We have a relaxed work environment with a flat hierarchy, flexible work hours and we strongly believe that it should be fun to go to work.

You get to join a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and tech people that help each other develop their skills and grow every day. We set aside dedicated resources for everyone to take courses, read books and go to conferences, staying up-to-date with the newest technologies and trends.

We’re located in the heart of Copenhagen, in Matrikel1, a cool new co-working space, where you can network and party with other startups and plenty of cool people.

How to apply

If you’re interested in this position, get in touch and tell us why you’re the one for us.
Share your work and share your thoughts. Email us at jobs@driversnote.com with the subject “Full Stack Web Developer”.

For further information, please contact CEO Martin Poulsen (+45) 21 64 43 14 or Head of Engineering Casper Fabricius (+45) 40 50 84 09‬.